Vendor List

Updated 8/22/2023:

This is a list of fencing equipment vendors from around the world and I have used here in the US. I will share my personal opinion/experience about each and any recommendations I may have. Since fencing is at best a niche sport, it is hard to see or try different models, sizes, etc. so take all advice with a grain of salt, when in doubt speak to your coach.

As new vendors come or older ones go I will update this list.

Absolute Fencing

Located in NJ, they are one of the larger vendors/distributors in the US. Absolute is a big sponsor of competitive fencing, and you will see their gear at every competition in the US. If you are starting out, they provide excellent value for beginners.

Absolute Fencing Gear

Allstar NYC

This is the US direct-to-consumer presence of Allstar Fencing from Germany. They are based out of Brooklyn and have reasonable prices, and shipping compared to some other vendors. Great source for weapon parts and uniforms.

Allstar Fencing NYC

Blue Gauntlet

This is one of the original US vendors, also out of NJ. You can usually see them at all the big tournaments on the east coast. As of this writing they are the only vendor that carries the left over stock of Adidas fencing shoes favored by alot of people.

Blue Gauntlet

Fencing Post

The Fencing Post is out of California, and has a good mix of equipment from a different vendors from around the globe. Unlike BG and AF, they do not white label anything or make things themselves. They have a great selection of vendors from all over the world. If you are looking for spare/repair parts they are a great source. They are also one of the few vendors in the use that select FWF gear and apparel (FWF Lames tend to be a great value and quality product). However, if you are on the east coast shipping times and costs can be higher than the others mentioned before.

The Fencing Post

Radical Fencing

Radical Fencing is a little different than other vendors as they offer a lot of services others don’t on this list. They have designed and manufactured a number of innovative products to support fencers. This includes their line of custom built fencing equipment bags, module floor strips, RF Square Targets, and RadStraps, and other items. Additionally they have a store front in NYC and offer armory services for people. Equipment wise RF seems to have partnered with PBT of Hungary and mostly sell that online and in store. If you are in NYC you should stop by to see some of their great gear.

Radical Fencing